A huge congratulations to the 80+ Bally Boys who registered for the Challenge which was completed 25th June.  Please follow the Spoke to a Bloke socials to view  the amazing effort.

Date Completed: Sunday 25th June 

Location: FORMA Battaglia Gym - 2 Wattle Rd, Brookvale

$17,072 raised

$15,000 Goal

$17,072 raised

$15,000 Goal


The 2023 Balgowlah ‘Bally’ Boys officially signed up for the Spoke to a Bloke ‘Challenge for a Bloke’.  The challenge was held at FORMA Battaglia from 8am on Sunday 25th June.  The challenge was called “Bally Boys 22km Deep Dive”.


The Mariana Trench is the deepest, darkest place on earth at 11km deep.  Bally kids will cycle, run, ski erg or row 11km which represents going down to the deepest, darkest points and opening up the conversation and listening out for people that are experiencing struggles themselves or people they know.  A quick fire punch of the boxing bag and then the boys will cycle, run, ski erg or row 11km back up to represent dragging people from the depths back to a good place.

FORMA Battaglia are official partners for the challenge. Mike and Kristy Battaglia very kindly donated their space and coaches to run the event. FORMA is a bespoke and boutique fitness space that isn’t about the numbers but about the people.  They have a limited membership so their services always remain personalised with a community feel. They are all about delivering authentic training products, combined with expert level trainers and elite level equipment.  “At FORMA we mean more to less people”

Balgowlah Boys High School Campus focuses on areas and activities that cover the development of self-esteem, resilience and tolerance, messages about anti-bullying and drug danger, how to develop good study skills, coping with stress, and ways to positively resolve conflict. Balgowlah Boys also has an extensive welfare program that supports the well-being of young men. Balgowlah Boys participates and partners with many men’s mental health organisations including Spoke to a Bloke, where the importance of raising awareness and supporting men’s mental health is critical.  A number of past and present students and parents have actively participated in previous Spoke to a Bloke events and have ongoing plans to foster the partnership.

We are a charity focussed on supporting blokes mental health. We do this through running a series of community based events, including Walk for a Bloke, Challenge for a Bloke and Headband for a Bloke. 

Funds raised via these events are being used to fund two core Spoke to a Bloke Projects;

M.I.N.D.S – The MEN IN NEED OF DIGITAL SUPPORT project is an initiative to bring together a wide range of mental health experts, knowledgeable individuals and everyday blokes to create 24/7 help content aimed at supporting adult and younger men.

121 – The 121 project will deliver direct professional help for blokes that need financial assistance and reach those that need it most. 

In addition to our projects, our events also serve as medicine.  We enable blokes to be active, to connect, to share, to listen, to learn and to share in events to help build resilience through action.