Benny's Mullet for mental health and kids with cancer

By Benny Rochford

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Tuesday 30th November - Tuesday 30th November
Sharp and Ready barbershop

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Let's get it on folks🤘🏼

Wednesday 3rd Jul
Hey guys, time has come to let the mullet go for a couple great causes. Every little bit helps towards getting awareness out there to help out a mate. People close to me will know I have struggled with mental strength majority of my life and still to this day, however thanks to organisations like this and mates who have dealt with the same I am able to stand side by side and try help out the next guy✊🏼 Thanks for your support, I appreciate you taking the time🖤🖤🖤

Thank you for your donations.



Well done pal , always here for ya !!




Pat And Jan Rochford

Proud of you Kiddo


Benny Rochford




Dan Casey

Get it off


Madeleine Treloar



I love that mullet, I'd pay you to keep it


Jay Allen

Love the beautiful mop


Ben Mcinneny


Lachlan Nelson

good on ya benny

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We are a charity focused on supporting blokes mental health. We do this through running a series of community based events, including Walk for a Bloke, Challenge for a Bloke and Headband for a Bloke. 

Funds raised via these events are being used to fund two core Spoke to a Bloke Projects;

M.I.N.D.S – The MEN IN NEED OF DIGITAL SUPPORT project is an initiative to bring together a wide range of mental health experts, knowledgeable individuals and everyday blokes to create 24/7 help content aimed at supporting adult and younger men.

121 – The 121 project will deliver direct professional help for blokes that need financial assistance and reach those that need it most. 

In addition to our projects, our events also serve as medicine.  We enable blokes to be active, to connect, to share, to listen, to learn and to share in events to help build resilience through action.